Isiolo County

Isiolo County

Isiolo County is located in the upper eastern region of Kenya. It borders seven counties with Garissa County to the east, Wajir County to the North East, Meru County to the South West, Samburu County to the East, Marsabit County to the North West, Kitui County to the South West and Tana River County to the south east. It covers an area of 25,350.6Km2.

According to the 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census the population stands at 268,002 with a population density of 11 people per Kmand an annual growth rate of 1.45%.

Main Economic Activities include Pastoralism, subsistence agriculture, small-scale trade and limited harvesting of gum Arabica resin. Isiolians also derive their livelihood from entertaining tourists who visit seasonally to watch the Isiolo big five.


Women Representative JALDESA REHEMA DIDA

Isiolo North Constituency

Isiolo South Constituency

A sample of 600 and a margin of error of ±4% was used.
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Ward Adult Population per Ward Sample per Ward
Wabera                          10,001 73
Bulla Pesa                          13,037 95
Chari                            2,743 20
Cherab                            8,928 65
Ngare Mara                            3,167 23
Burat                          10,772 79
Oldo/Nyiro                            8,829 64
Garba Tulla                            9,410 69
Kinna                            8,387 61
Sericho                            6,942 51
                         82,218 600
Constituency No of Wards Wards Member of Parliament
Isiolo North 7 Wabera, Bulla Pesa, Chari, Cherab, Ngare Mara, Burat, Oldo/Nyiro HASSAN ODA HULUFO
Isiolo South 3 Garba Tulla, Kina, Sericho ABDI KOROPU TEPO

CountyTrak Index – Elected Leaders Approval Rating (2015)

  • Governor 51.1%
  • Senator 41%
  • Women’s Representative 45.4%
  • Consolidated MCA’s 45.3%

CountyTrak Index – Elected Leaders Approval Rating (2020)

  • Governor 46.5%
  • Senator 54.6%
  • Women’s Representative 47.5%
  • Consolidated MCA’S 41.8%

CountyTrak Index – MPs Approval Rating (2015)

  • Isiolo North Constituency 54.9%
  • Isiolo South Constituency 43.6%

CountyTrak Index – MPs Approval Rating (2020)

  • Isiolo North Constituency 43.2%
  • Isiolo South Constituency 33.0%
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