Laikipia County


Laikipia County

Laikipia is one of the 14 counties located the Rift valley region. It covers an area of 9.462Km and with a population of 399,227.

The head quarter is located in Rumurutti town.

The county is divided into three (3) constituencies and 15 electoral wards.

Senator G.G. KARIUKI
Women Representative JANE AGNES WANJIRA

Laikipia East Constituency

Laikipia West Constituency

Laikipia North Constituency

Constituency No of Wards Wards Member of Parliament
Laikipia West 6 Ol-Moran, Rumuruti, Township ,Githiga, Marmanet, Igwamiti Salama Stephen Wachira
Laikipia East 5 Ngobit, Tigithi, Thingithu,Nanyuki, Umande Anthony Mutahi
Laikipia North 4 Sosian,Segera, Mugogodo West , Mugogodo East Mathew Lekidime

CountyTrak Index – Elected Leaders Approval Rating

  • Governor 52.2%
  • Senator 46.9%
  • Women’s Representative 46.5%
  • Consolidated MCA’s 58.1%

CountyTrak Index – MPs Approval Rating

  • Laikipia East Constituency 59.4%
  • Laikipia West Constituency 56.1%
  • Laikipia North Constituency 46.7%